Diana Almaraz


Diana Almaraz was diagnosed with stage 2 uterine cancer in May 2018. Having been diagnosed in a relatively early stage, Diana has a fighting chance to beat this cancer. This has been quite a blow to her and her family and this hasn't been the beginning of her struggles.

Here is a letter from her daughter, Jamie:

Dear Go Team Han,


Diana Almaraz is a survivor through and through. She has survived the loss of her son (my twin brother) to a tragic motorcycle accident, 18 years ago this week, and then her husband (my dad) nine months later. Luckily, she found love again and married Michael 5 years later. At the age of 47, she had to have open heart surgery because of a genetic heart problem that has led to congestive heart failure. Because of this open heart surgery, she was forced to retire early and learn to live on a fixed income. If that wasn’t enough, she has been in and out of the hospital for the last ten years, battling with a botched heart surgery, where her lungs were punctured and forced her to be on oxygen for the rest of her life. She nearly died three times from her heart, and now her lungs. Even with all that going on, she keeps fighting.


She has been doing really well the last few years, welcoming her 6th grandchild into the world with open arms. Rarely does my mom give up on anything. As of this May she was faced with yet another blow to her life, cancer. We were all at a loss as to what to even do since our only experience with cancer was the fastest 6 weeks of our lives with my dad. We scheduled every appointment and called all the resources we could for information to see where to even start. She was scheduled for a biopsy to see what stage the cancer was in and to get all the facts laid out before the doctors could come up with a plan of attack. To even have the biopsy, we had to have it cleared through the cardiologist, pulmonologist, and her primary doctor. We made every appointment, paid thousands of dollars in co-pays, and were told that she could do the biopsy to get a better plan of attack. She did the first biopsy in May. It was confirmed that it was uterine cancer and it was stage 2. We were all pretty happy when we heard it was so early, which meant she could have a fighting chance, until they told us that in order to do the hysterectomy and verify that it had not spread we would need clearance from all the doctors again. We started all the appointments up and met with the cancer doctors again in June. More co-pays and more tests. We were scraping by with what we could, but then we were given the blow that, to do the required MRI’s we would have to pay in full upfront. The insurance company said she was not approved because she already had tests earlier in the year and therefore they would not cover this latest test; which would be roughly $2500.


My mom deserves a chance to live her life for as long as she is given. Money and insurance shouldn’t be the reason she dies. We are asking for help because we as humans need help. We need help with information, finances, and moral support during this time in our lives. Thank you for anything and everything you can do in our time of need. I know she can beat this too. She is my wonder woman. I wonder everyday how she has managed to survive all of this, still smile every day, and lover her kids and grand kids. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and help where and when you can.


Diana’s loving daughter, Jamie.

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