Ebony Lemaire



Ebony and Rudy Lemaire have been trying to get pregnant for about a year. Not having any success, the couple turned to a fertility specialist.

Here is her story:

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"In December 2019, my husband Rudy and I decided to see a fertility specialist after trying unsuccessfully for about a year to get pregnant. During the initial work up, the doctor found a lump in my right breast. This lead to several mammograms, biopsies, CT scans and the dreadful diagnosis of ER/PR+ 0 Stage Breast Cancer but we were hopeful because it meant this was caught very early before it could become invasive and spread outside the ducts. After meeting with the surgeon and oncologist we decided that the best course of action would be to move forward with a lumpectomy and node biopsy. The surgery was performed the beginning of this month and we’ve received even more bad news. My diagnosis is now Invasive Carcinoma Breast Cancer and has spread to my lymph nodes.

Unfortunately, this means I will now have to undergo additional expensive testing and a more aggressive treatment plan. I’m scheduled to begin 20-weeks of chemotherapy treatments which is known to cause infertility along with many other tough side effects. We are hoping to be able to freeze a few of my eggs before I begin chemo the beginning of next month. This is a very expensive process and needs to be done right away. In addition to this, there is a very real possibility I will not be able to continue working full time.

Please help in anyway you can as all of the medical bills are adding up quickly, and there are more treatments to come, including chemo, radiation and oral chemo. If you know us, the last thing we would want to do, or think we would need to do, is [ask] for help. We appreciate any support you are able to give. Thank you!"